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WEEKLY WISDOM 29/11/2010

I declare that the overcoming of clinging to the impurities of the world is possible for a person who knows and sees but not for a person who does not know or see. In the person who knows and sees, the dustless and stainless Eye of Truth arises. Seeing the truth, he sees things as they are. Seeing the truth, the eye is born, knowledge is born, wisdom is born, science is born, and light is born.
– Samyutta Nikaya

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WEEKLY WISDOM 22/11/2010

This body is not yours, nor does it belong to others. It should be seen as the product of the whole of history. In regard to it the wise person will reflect on the nature of conditioning, saying: If this comes into being, that will arise; if this does not come into being, that will not arise.
-Samyutta Nikaya

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WEEKLY WISDOM 15/11/2010

All states that can be returned to external causes are obviously not you, but that which cannot be returned to anywhere, if it is not you, what is it? Therefore, you should know that your mind is fundamentally wonderful, bright, and pure and that because of your involvement with the things of the world you have covered it up and lost it. In this way you are caught on the endless wheel of becoming this or that, sinking and floating in that sea of endless becoming. Awaken yourself now to your own bright mind.
– Surangama Sutra

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WEEKLY WISDOM 08/11/2010

The Buddha was invited by a Brahman to have a meal in his house. But when he arrived, the Brahman greeted him strangely, with a torrent of abuse.

Politely, the Buddha asked, “Do visitors come to your home, good Brahman?”
“What preparations do you make for them?”
“We get ready a great feast.”
”What happens if they don’t arrive?”
“Then we gladly eat it ourselves.”

“Well, Brahman, you’ve invited me for a meal and you’ve entertained me with hard words. I want nothing from your preparation. So please take it back and eat it yourselves.”

“Never retaliate in kind,” the Buddha told his followers. “Hatred does not come to an end through hatred but can only cease through generosity.”
– Akkosa Sutta

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WEEKLY WISDOM 01/11/2010

“Where, for instance, is the identity of myself? There’s a special quality that makes me different from everything else and also from all other selves. And I want that identity, my own self, to continue. So where does that identity dwell?”

“Where indeed?” asked the Buddha. “That self to which you cling is in constant change. Years ago you were a baby, then a youth, and now a man. Which is your true self—that of yesterday, that of today, or that of tomorrow which you so long to preserve?”

“I see I have misunderstood things,” replied Kutadanta slowly, “and although I find it hard to endure the light, the truth now dawns on me that there is no separate and enduring self. I will take my refuge in your teaching and find that which is continuing and everlasting in the truth.”
-Majjhima Nikaya

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