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WEEKLY WISDOM 29/07/2013

“All formations are transient; all formations are subject to suffering; all things are without a self.

“Therefore, whatever there be of form, of feeling, perception, mental formations, or consciousness, whether past, present, or future, one’s own or external, gross or subtle, lofty or low, far or near, one should understand according to reality and true wisdom: ‘This does not belong to me; this am I not; this is not my Self.'”

– Anguttara Nikaya and Samyutta Nikaya

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WEEKLY WISDOM 22/07/2013

Heedful among the heedless,
wakeful among those asleep,
just as the fast horse advances,
leaving the weak behind:
so the wise.

– Dhammapada [2]

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WEEKLY WISDOM 15/07/2013

Having applied himself to what was not his own task,
and not having applied himself to what was,
having disregarded the goal to grasp at what he held dear,
he now envies those who kept after themselves,
took themselves to task.

– Dhammapada [16]

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WEEKLY WISDOM 08/07/2013

Those with initiative, mindful, clean in action,
acting with due consideration, heedful, restrained,
living the Dharma:
their glory grows.

Through initiative, heedfulness,
restraint, & self-control,
the wise would make an island
no flood can submerge.

– Dhammapada [2]

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WEEKLY WISDOM 01/07/2013

It’s better to leave a misdeed undone.
A misdeed burns you afterward.
Better that a good deed be done
that, after you’ve done it,
won’t make you burn.

– Dhammapada [22]

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